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Andrew Dunstan, Principal Consultant and Owner at Dunslane Consulting LLC, is a twenty year I.T. industry veteran. He has worked a wide variety of private and government projects, always focused on meeting business needs.
As a major contributor to the PostgreSQL project since 2003, Andrew has focused on improving usability and reliability of this legendary software. He is well placed to help you deploy PostgreSQL effectively, both by drawing on his extensive experience and by being able to call upon the world's foremost experts.
As one of the primary developers behind the Windows port of PostgreSQL, Andrew also brings help with windows-based deployments. Andrew also has over ten years experience with Linux, enabling Dunslane Consulting to offer excellent support for organizations wanting to deploy RedHat, Fedora and CentOS distributions.

Dunslane Consulting will tailor I.T. Solutions based on your business needs. Instead of basing solutions on buzz words, we will analyze your business requirements and come up with solutions that meet both your needs and your budget, to keep your systems and data safe, secure and available.